Returns Handling

FBA Rider understands that the proper handling of returns is really important to make your eCommerce customers happy, so we make this process easy and effortless. We can process returns for you - exactly the way you need them done.

Recieveing Returns

FBA Rider makes the receiving process simple and our receiving process will walk you through exactly how to send us freight shipments. Your customers can ship back return products to our fulfillment centers directly.

RMa handling

We can handle and process your returns and add qualifying products backs to inventory. And the best part is you can manage all aspects of freight delivery directly through the web dashboard which is currently under development but it will be live soon.

special insturction

If you have any special instructions on how you want us to handle your returns, we are there for you. From your FBA Rider’s dashboard, you’ll be able to track each return the moment it arrives and generate return labels so no customer is missed and no order is forgotten.

Automate Your returns process

Easy Returns

Your customers send returns directly to FBA Rider.

RMA Inventory

We can add your returned products back to the inventory after the inspection.

Instant Customer Support

Feel free to contact us our team is always ready to assist you.

Return Labels

You can include return labels with your orders for your customers.

Inspect & Assign

We can discard the product or back to the inventory after inspecting carefully.

contact us

Our Team is always ready to assist you.

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