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How It Works

FBA Riders are the most accessible people to be happy around. Let me give you something to think about. Just focus on marketing and sales while we handle the rest. Integrations of our custom programming interfaces will sync orders from your website and our products to your shopping cart. Each order is selected, packed, and sent as quickly as possible. Our business is to work at your speed, so no matter where you are in the process, we’ll provide the same level of excellent service.

Pick and Drop

With a system that simplifies the order fulfillment process and enables efficient selection and packing, we can process 1 to 10,000 orders per day. As a result, you will only be charged for what you use, so we do not charge for services that are not used. We do not charge a pick-and-pack fee when you deliver one product every month. There is no additional fee.

Powerfull Software

As entrepreneurs, we don't believe that we're the first to offer custom order services. The e-commerce industry will, however, be the first to introduce such innovations. In our engagement with the marketplace, we aim to reinvent the entire ecosystem instead of improving what is currently on offer. Powered by computerized modeling and API interfaces, the FBA Rider program can coordinate SKUs across multiple distribution channels while combining an unlimited number of product combinations, enabling you to update product lines without needing to worry about account reconciliation or order quantities.

Amazon Product Compliance

If you don't follow your Amazon Logistics by Amazon FBA preparations, your stock levels may be refused, deleted, or repatriated, and your fulfillment center may also charge you. Amazon FBA Rider can prepare your merchandise before it is shipping to the warehouse. You can be confident and believe that your items will meet and exceed all Amazon requirements--from repackaging to branding.

Cross Docking

As well as utilizing an automated order processing program for effective and efficient selection and packing, we can fulfill 1 to 10,000 orders per day. Using our FBA Riders will only allow you to spend on services you use, and we don't believe in collecting fees for services you don't use. Only when you ship one item per month will you be required to pay the tote and bundle fee. There's nothing else to it.

Expert Happiness Engineers

Ecommerce enterprises in rapid growth require extra attention to reach their full potential. Our company makes to address this need. During a thorough training program designed to transform them into shipping professionals, our Positivity Engineers handle all sorts of concerns, no matter how broad or narrow.

Intelligent Storage

Assigning products to certain areas has been one of the main objectives of our warehousing and inventory management system. It optimizes storage locations and reduces prices while helping you save money. Instead of so many fulfillment companies, we bill you daily for holding. Then you only have to pay when the goods exist in the storage facility. Our entire facility has also been equipped with a cutting-edge security system that ensures their goods are appropriately shielded from the elements.

High-performance software

The use of our order fulfillment services may save businesses time and money. The only difference is our use of new technology is leading the industry in terms of cost savings. We seek to reimagine the industry radically rather than enhance what is currently available. With FBA Rider, you can bundle an unlimited number of product combinations, allowing you to manage your product stock levels, delivery, and tracking without worrying about these issues.

Amazon Compatibility

In non-compliance with the product preparation process, inventory may be rejected, destroyed, returned, and fulfillment centers fine. Our services include preparing your products for Amazon fulfillment before shipping. We may remake the packaging or labeling of your goods to meet Amazon's preparation standards.

Docking in two places

Every day, we process orders ranging from 1 to 10,000 using automated order fulfillment technologies. Ship Monk doesn’t believe in charging for underutilized services. You should only send one item each month to avoid a pick and pack charge. That’s it.

Smart storage space

To ensure items are distributed evenly across the facility, we have an inventory system and storage system. The reduction of logistics costs could help the company save money. Whenever you keep goods in a warehouse, you pay for the days instead of weeks or months. Because of this security system, you can ensure adequate protection of your interests while in our storage facility.

Expert Engineers of Happiness

Having success in an e-commerce company that is rapidly expanding requires extra consideration. Happiness Engineers was explicitly created for this purpose. In addition to being trained extensively, our Happiness Engineers develop into shipping specialists, and no issue is too small or large for fbarider teams to solve.

Stress-free fulfillment

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