Amazon FBA Prep Services

Let us handle your Amazon Prep, While you  take care of your business. 

Pick, Pack & Ship

We have been preparing inventory for Amazon in all aspects from unloading containers and repackaging to labeling the products with barcodes. Send your inventory to FBA Rider and after receiving your shipment, we will inspect, label and prepare the inventory to ship out to Amazon right away. You will only be charged for the service you select. No matter what size the job is, we guarantee to meet the Amazon guidelines 100% of the time.

Private Label, Wholesale & Drop shipping

We help Amazon Sellers to store their goods in our warehouse and to take their business to the next level by entering new markets. Contrary to many fulfillment firms, we charge a daily holding fee, ensuring you only pay for the storage time the commodities spend in store.

FNSKU Labeling​

You give us the Amazon FNSKU labels and we'll put them on every unit.

Poly Bagging​

We also handle any special instructions you may have.

FBA Removals

We handle individual returns as well as FBA Removal requests

Case Forwarding

We'll forward your master containers to Amazon as you need to renew stock.

Fast Support

We response quick to your support request.


We put together as many products as you want.

Fragile Wrapping​

We add an additional layer of protection to fragile items to protect them.

Quick Turnaround

We complete all requests you submit within 48 hours or in a same day.

Account Manager

We will assign you a manager to your account to make fulfillment easy for you.

Automate your FBA Business

Put your Amazon business on autopilot and focus on developing your business. Employing a Prep Community allows you to invest your energy discovering new items or improving your current operations.

FBA Removals

If Amazon has asked you to remove your stock for any reasons OR Customer has requested a return? Don’t worry, we can help you process and accept returns for you. Regardless of whether you need us to completely inspect your stock, update the labels or simply send all your stock back to you, we can do just that.

Other Services

Do you have other guidelines or needs? We can tailor our services to meet your exact requirements.

Count & Inspect

Photo Service


Case Prep

Pick & Pack


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely! You will have to pay an additional fee for each custom box you buy

Not. Subscription fees, setup fees, and monthly fees do not apply to us. There is also no contract required.

Certainly not. Subscription fees, setup fees, and monthly fees are all free. You are not required to sign a contract.

We charge a minimum pick and pack fee of $250 per month to justify the time and energy we put into each project. We will add all the remaining amounts to your monthly invoice if you don’t meet this minimum. If your picking fees are $160 and your minimum is $250, you would be required to pay as much as $150. In other words, it will cost you $90 more. 

You shouldn’t see it as a pressure tactic but an excellent way to ensure your projections are accurate—storage charges per month equal the minimum monthly payment.

Sure! Sending gift messages is easy with FBA Rider, and gift status can be bestowed on any order.


To choose from, here are three options:

  • On the packing slip, write the message of the gift. No charge (free)
  • FBA Rider will provide you with a blank 4*6 card. For $1.
  • Provide custom 4×6 cards with your gift message. For $0.80 plus insert pick-up.
  • Please make sure that your shopping cart supports gift messaging.

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FBA Rider makes shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth. 

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